Reality TV Guy Tells Mannequin To Lose A Few Pounds, Wokes Lose Their Damn Minds

Here we go again with the fatties getting all bent out of shape over what some reality TV show personality said on social media. It turns out you can’t fat-shame a mannequin. Don’t even think about it.

This time we have some reality TV guy named Daniel Holmes from “Married at First Sight” playing defense after the woke mob went after him for fat-shaming a Nike mannequin by saying fat mannequins promotes “early death.”

Ooooooh no you didn’t, Holmes!

“Those that say this is empowering are completely delusional,” Holmes said of Nike’s BBW mannequin that’s trying to sell workout gear to BBWs. “It’s promoting early death. There is no power in that,” Holmes, a personal trainer, wrote on Instagram.

Reality TV guy fat shame mannequin lead
Daniel Holmes (left) of the reality series “Married at First Sight” said a beefy mannequin promotes “early death” and the wokes completely lost their minds. Lizzo has started her very own fat-wear clothing line. / Instagram / Getty Images

Annnnnnnnnnddddd…the wokes attacked.

You could easily guess where they went with the initial attack.

Holmes took one look at his DMs and it was the same line of attack. The wokes attacked from the “what are people supposed to wear in the gym” flank.

The personal trainer with some TV credits was ready for his very own counterattack.

“Hey – clothes? It’s just the gym. It’s just a bunch of metal objects that you pick up,” he responded.  “You don’t necessarily need to wear a particular brand of clothing to do that.

“That’s not the issue, it’s when brands start to cater to unhealthy body types — my concern is where does that lead?”

His point, in case you can’t already understand where he’s going here, is with brands who are now using fat people to expand their business model.

Nike's fat wear clothing options.
Nike’s fat-wear clothing options. / Nike

Nike actually started using the fat mannequins in 2019 and it was hailed by the wokes as “brilliant” and a way to “raise awareness” for its plus-size clothing options. It’s inclusivity!

Since then, Lizzo became a hero for blowing on James Madison’s flute and for being huge. Americans are fatter than ever thanks to being locked in their houses during Covid. And now you’re not even allowed to say that any of this is unhealthy.

We have BBW Brazilian Instagram models flipping out when an airline gate agent tells her to lose a few pounds and buy a first-class ticket so she’ll fit in a seat. We have people pinning passengers to their seats with their fat.

Here’s the problem: Too many people have bent a knee to the fatties and the lib lib wokes who support the total destruction of this country.

We’re left living in a country where some D-list reality TV guy can’t tell a mannequin to lose a few lbs. without it turning into an international incident.

It’s a sad reality of the times we’re living in.

And Nike doesn’t care one bit.

They’re busy competing in this market against…Lizzo.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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