American Airlines Passenger Accused Of Fat-Shaming Has Been Compensated For Being Wedged Between Two Obese People

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Put one in the win column for accused fat-shamers everywhere. Last week an American Airlines passenger, political commentator Sydney Watson, faced fat-shaming accusations after she detailed her three-hour flight “wedged between two obese people” on Twitter.

This week she received compensation from the airline. How quickly things can change when the accusations are completely ridiculous.

Watson spent a recent flight from New York to Dallas tweeting about how two people were spilling over their seat into hers. That’s not fat-shaming. That’s called invading other people’s space.

Sydney Watson was accused of fat-shaming for sharing these photos from an American Airlines flight on her Twitter.
Sydney Watson was accused of fat-shaming for sharing these photos from an American Airlines flight on her Twitter

American Airlines has decided to make things right. They sent an email to Watson after their first “sorry, not sorry” apology on social media didn’t exactly do the job.

On Monday, Watson shared the email she says she received from an airline representative. In the email, the rep apologized to for her “diminished” comfort during the flight. She is then offered compensation for her horrible flight experience.

Part of the email read, “As a gesture of goodwill, I have issued you a $150 Trip Credit which will arrive via a separate email.”

Not Everything is Fat-Shaming

Watson tweeted out a follow-up that sounds like she’s not going to accept the $150 Trip Credit. Or at the very least she’s trolling those who called her a fat-shamer.

She has thoughts on how else to use $150. If it was up to her, she would rather give the refund to someone who needs a personal trainer or a gym membership.

This is what happens when you falsely accuse someone of doing something they didn’t actually do. They lean into it and they get to take whatever kind of victory lap they want.

Some put their head down, others point and yell at the pitcher as run around the bases. Watson is more of the point and yell type.

Written by Sean Joseph


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  1. There is no way I take that offer… A nice lawsuit in small-claims court will net the same amount, BUT it will also get a court order forcing an airline to NOT DO THIS AGAIN.

    As a former fat-ass, there is NO EXCUSE for forcing anyone to be deprived of their personal space (especially space they paid for).

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