Ray Allen Says UConn Is So Good At Basketball Because There’s Nothing Else To Do

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NBA legend and former UConn Huskie Ray Allen was at the NCAA National Championship game to see his alma mater throttle the San Diego Aztecs, 76-59.

After the game, Allen talked about why UConn had become such a powerhouse over the years. According to the former member of the Bucks, SuperSonics, Celtics, and Heat said that a big reason was the lack of distractions in Storrs.

“I want to be focused on this right here because I’m trying to get somewhere with this. That is the environment that promotes higher learning and better basketball,” the Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer said.

“I can walk down the street and get in the gym and shoot without any distractions along the way. That’s what I implore every child to think about when they’re picking their school. Pick somewhere that doesn’t provide excess that keeps you distracted.”

Is he implying that there’s nothing to do in Storrs, Connecticut? I find it hard to believe that college students wouldn’t be distracted by the myriad of tourist attractions in town.

I mean, what 18-24 year old wouldn’t spend copious amounts of time hanging out at the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry or the Gurleyville Gristmill?

What? Your college years weren’t filled with puppets and learning about grain processing?

Yeah, neither was mine. So, I guess Ray Allen is right?

Although, the people I knew who went to schools where there was nothing to do, found things to do. That usually involved getting sauced. I’m not an Xs and Os basketball guy, but that’s not necessarily a recipe for March Madness success.

Whatever the reason is, something is going right for the Huskies.

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