Raiders Owner Mark Davis Open To Signing Colin Kaepernick

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Since everyone knows that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, the Las Vegas Raiders may be willing to gamble on Colin Kaepernick.

On Wednesday, team owner Mark Davis offered support to the quarterback who hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL since 2016.

“I believe in Colin Kaepernick,” Davis said via NBC Sports Bay Area.

Though the Raiders recently signed starting QB Derek Carr to a three-year contract extension worth more than $120 million dollars, Davis insisted Wednesday that he wouldn’t stand in the way if his front office and coaching staff pushed to sign the quarterback.

“He deserves every chance in the world to become a quarterback in the National Football League. I still stand by it,” said Davis.

Kaepernick would likely prefer Davis kneel by that statement instead.

Davis continued, telling NBC Sports Bay Area: “If our coaches and general manager want to bring him in or want him to be the quarterback on this team, I would welcome him with open arms.”

The quarterback might actually fit well in Vegas. Over the last half decade, Kaepernick, 34, has managed to create the illusion that he’s an elite signal caller, though his numbers would suggest otherwise. He has a career completion percentage of just under 60% and a 3-16 record in his last 19 NFL starts.

As OutKick reported earlier this month, Kaepernick suggested he would be open to a backup role, then quickly pivoted: “But (being a backup is) not where I’m staying.”

Why wouldn’t Davis want to bring in a player who hasn’t played in the NFL in six years, who will likely be unhappy with whatever role he’s given, and who’s certain to have a constant media swarm surrounding him?

“I think Colin is a very misunderstood human being,” Davis added. “I’ve gotten a chance to talk to him. I never really knew Colin, and I didn’t understand him. I didn’t understand the kneeling, what that meant initially. Over time, I have learned a little bit more about it.”

Spoken like a man ready to risk it all in Vegas.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I believe I see why they’ve been the Raiders we’ve known for so long with reasoning like this going on.

    “Let’s run off Gruden, doing our best to stir up racial animosity in the process, and then bring in a 34 year old disgruntled Commie with a racial identity crisis who hasn’t played football in 6 years. That’ll turn things around! Next idea! Bring back the 8-track and bowl hair cuts? Let’s do it! LOVE IT! Keep them coming!”

  2. I mean, you gotta say that. If they ask “Would you ever sign Kaepernick” and you answer “no,” be ready for that interview to be exhibit A in the discrimination lawsuit. If an owner wanted to sign him, they wouldn’t talk about it, they would just do it.

  3. Call his bluff, Davis. Would love to see Kaepernick actually try to play football again. After seeing his Blaine Gabbert-inducing performances, plural, in San Francisco I know it will be the shit show everyone expects. So maybe we can finally put his million-dollar-lie behind us for good

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