Raiders Answer Question Whether Derek Carr Is Their QB Of The Future

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When Jon Gruden took over as coach of the Oakland Raiders, the first question everyone asked was wheher Derek Carr would survive as the team’s quarterback.

When Josh McDaniels took over as the coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, the first question everyone asked was whether Derek Carr would survive as the team’s quarterback.


And Yes.

And we know Carr is not just surviving but thriving because the Raiders and Carr just agreed to a three-year contract extension worth $121.5 million, according to a source.

That means Carr, who was entering the final year of his contract and scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in 2023, is under contract to the Raiders through 2025.

The amount of the contract is not just the Raiders keeping Carr in the fold but basically saying he’s a cornerstone for their franchise and on par with other $40 million-a-year quarterbacks such as Matt Stafford ($40 million annually), Dak Prescott ($40M) and even in the neighborhood of Josh Allen ($43M).

There are seven NFL quarterbacks making over $40 million per season and Carr is among those now.

If the fat contract isn’t enough to convince everyone Carr is the guy in Las Vegas perhaps this will: The deal includes a no-trade clause, per the NFL Network.

The Raiders obviously believe Carr’s best days are ahead under McDaniels and that’s saying a lot because last season he tied a career high with 41 touchdowns. He could stand to be more careful with the football because he also tied a career high with 17 interceptions — but, again, McDaniels is supposed to improve that.

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  1. Armando, you need to check your facts before writing your article. Last season, Derek Carr threw for nowhere near 41 touchdowns, but rather he threw 23 of them. As a diehard Raider fan for 50 years, it’s been very tough being a fan these last 20 years with few winning seasons. Carr is the best qb the Raiders have had since the days of Rich Gannon. Is he worth $40 mil a year? No, but that is the economic reality of today’s sporting landscape. Check the number of head coaches and offensive coordinators Carr has had in his 8 seasons. He’s had no stability either on the sidelines with coaches or the front office.

    Mayfield? Hmm….maybe Watson’s old spot in Houston?

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