Miami Grand Prix Reporter Martin Brundle Gets Awkward With Venus Williams

Martin Brundle spent his Sunday in a race with himself to see just how many awkward interviews he could conduct within a day's time. Amongst those enduring Brundle's awkwardness throughout the Miami Grand Prix was tennis superstar Venus Williams, whom Brundle mistakenly mistook for her sister, Serena.

Brundle, a reporter for Sky Sports, not only confused Venus for her younger sister, he also appeared painfully unaware of just how uninterested Williams was in conversing pre-race.

Watch the awkward walk along the grid unfold in the video below.


To her credit, Venus was more than cordial throughout, including when she displayed her surprise that Brundle was still lurking nearby after he had called her by the wrong name and she answered his question.

"Oh, what's the question," asked Williams, smiling through her clear as day thoughts of get me the hell out of here.

Following their brief moment of combined silence and ensuing awkward exchange, Brundle responded: “It doesn’t really matter. Nice to talk to you.”

The light-hearted but cringe-worthy moment was one of many Brundle blunders. Prior to (briefly) chatting with Williams, he hilariously confused former Duke basketball star Paolo Banchero with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

When Banchero tweeted out the unintended comedic exchange, Mahomes responded by tweeting: "Bro ain't no way," followed by five crying laughing emojis.

Brundle's numerous race day chats had viewers chuckling and Brundle trending across social media.

Amongst those cackling on Sunday were Dolphins owner Stephen Ross who hosted the inaugural Miami Grand Prix. Ross was laughing all the way to the bank, reportedly bringing in more for the F1 race than an entire slate of Dolphins games.


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