Pitt Coach Says He’s A ‘Dumbass’ For One Simple Reason

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Pittsburgh Panthers coach Pat Narduzzi had a blunt assessment of himself after losing to Tennessee.

During the 34-27 loss to the Volunteers, Narduzzi attempted to throw at the end of the first half instead of running out the clock, and it resulted in QB Kedon Slovis getting absolutely annihilated.

The hit would end Slovis’ night.

Narduzzi was asked about the decision Monday to not take a knee, and he told the media he’s a “dumbass.”

Well, it’s about time Narduzzi just came right out and said it. I figured he’d say it after claiming Pitt could regularly win the Big Ten, but fans will take what we can get.

Honesty is always the best policy, and allowing Slovis to get blown up is about as dumb as it gets. He’s not lying when he says he’s a “dumbass” for not taking a knee.

Pittsburgh Panthers coach Pat Narduzzi says he’s a “dumbass” for not taking a knee at the end of the first half against Tennessee. (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

If Slovis stays in the game, the Panthers probably win. Instead, backup Nick Patti had to get under center and Pitt ended up losing a tight one to the Volunteers.

At the end of the day, somebody has to take responsibility and Narduzzi isn’t running from it. He’s the head coach and the buck stops with him.

That’s why he’s the “dumbass” for how things shook out.

Narduzzi has been a content machine so far in 2022, and we’re only in week three of the season. He’s definitely over-performing expectations when it comes to being incredibly entertaining.

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