Phylicia Rashad Is Getting Owned On Twitter After Defending Rapist Cosby

Assuming Phylicia Rashad went to the Jay Williams school of tweeting, we’re probably just minutes away from Clair Huxtable’s announcement that her twitter account was hacked. After sending a cringe-worthy tweet, social media users are currently laughing harder at Rashad than they ever did a Cosby joke.

Oh boy. Better round up Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy, because the fictional Huxtable family are about the only ones who’ve been touting Cosby’s innocence:

And I’m guessing this wasn’t the PR Howard University was seeking on an otherwise quiet Wednesday:

Like a Mike Tyson fight, the hits (towards Howard University) kept coming:

Also, Cosby was let out of prison on a technicality, not because he was proven innocent.

In a shocking development, Rashad has disabled the option to reply to her Cosby tweet. Should she decide against using the Jay Williams-hacked defense, maybe Rashad can claim she suffered CTE from her husband Ahmad’s football career, causing memory lapses. Each one is as (un)believable as the next.

It’s not all bad news for Rashad. Now that Cosby is out, they’re free to catch up over some Jell-O Pudding Pops and Spanish fly.


Written by Anthony Farris


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    • To be fair I don’t think he admitted to doping women against their will or raping women. He said he gave women quaaludes within the context of consensual sexual relationships. He’s not a virtuous or honorable guy for having multiple affairs outside his marriage, so that part is certainly sickening regardless if it was or wasn’t against women’s will. Really sad.

  1. Farris, you are out of your element here. It’s not just about what he did or didn’t do. Ideas such as due process, 5th Amendment, statute of limitations, etc. are meant to protect citizens from what Cosby went through. His case was at the height of “believe all women” and the “me too” circuses. These ideas are nearly as dumb as “defund the police.”

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