JUST IN: Bill Cosby To Walk Free, Be Released from Prison


Pennsylvania’s highest court overturned Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction Wednesday, finding an agreement with a previous prosecutor prevented him from being charged in the case, the AP first reports.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court said that District Attorney Kevin Steele, who made the decision to arrest Cosby in 2015, was obligated to stand by a predecessor’s promise not to charge Cosby.

The 7-member court ruled Mr. Cosby, 83, had been denied a fair trial in 2018.

In Sep. 2018, Cosby was sentenced to three to 10 years in state prison on a felony sexual assault charge.

Here’s the full 79-page opinion:

In their 79-page opinion, the judges wrote that a “non-prosecution agreement” struck with a previous prosecutor meant that he should not have been charged in the case, and that Mr. Cosby should be discharged. They barred a retrial in the case.

“The trial judge had allowed just one other accuser to testify at Cosby’s first trial, when the jury deadlocked,” the report adds. “However, he then allowed five other accusers to testify at the retrial about their experiences with Cosby in the 1980s.

“The Pennsylvania Supreme Court said that testimony tainted the trial, even though a lower appeals court had found it appropriate to show a signature pattern of drugging and molesting women.”

The prosecution cannot appeal the decision in the state of Pennsylvania.

Cosby’s publicist, Andrew Wyatt, told USA TODAY Thursday that the decision “is not a surprise” because the board explicitly stated he would be denied parole “if he did not participate in SVP (Sexually Violent Predator) courses.”

“Mr. Cosby has vehemently proclaimed his innocence and continues to deny all allegations made against him, as being false, without the sheer evidence of any proof,” Wyatt said in a statement. “Mr. Cosby continues to remain hopeful that the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court will issue an opinion to vacate his conviction or warrant him a new trial.”

Wyatt will pick Cosby up from prison within hours.

That’s right, Cosby just got off on a technicality.

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Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. He supposedly raped women in the 70s and 80s. You know back when celebrities partied at places such as studio 54 etc where everyone drank, did coke and took qualudes to crash, and next thing you know a chick wakes up at Cosby’s place and doesn’t remember going there. Rape please.

  2. I knew it. He was railroaded just like OJ, and R Kelly. It was only a matter of time that with a justice system as great as ours Cosby would eventually be exonerated, and they say our country is systematically racist. . No sir e bob. 😉😉

  3. The “previous prosecutor” in question is Bruce Castor, the same grandstanding idiot who represented former president Donald Trump during Impeachment Circus II: The Sequel. Also, while serving as a county commissioner, Castor was part of a “dissident” faction of the Montgomery County (Pa.) GOP – the other faction was powered by James “Softball” Matthews”, the brother of former MSNBC toolbag Chris “Hardball” Matthews – which split the party and effectively handed control of county government to the Democrats. Also worth noting that Steele all but promised to prosecute Cosby during his first (unfortunately) successful run for DA. A lot to digest here, but a little more context seemed necessary.

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