Peyton Manning Gushes To Pat McAfee About How Much He Loves Aaron Rodgers To The Jets

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The New York Jets made the right decision by trading for Aaron Rodgers to be their new quarterback, according to Peyton Manning.

Already having the approval of the Jets fanbase and the authoritative voice of all things Gang Green in Joe Namath, the front office can feel pretty good about having Manning on their side as well.


Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show, the Hall of Famer Manning praised Rodgers for not only his knowledge and experience in the game, but also his talents.

“I’m excited for Aaron and the Jets [and it’s going to work] because the fact is that he has the same system that he ran in Green Bay,” Manning said.

“With Hackett calling the plays, he’s going to be able to play so much faster. Having to learn a new offense in your 18th, 19th years is almost impossible because you have to unlearn your old offense. You saw it with Brady – he goes to Tampa, they’re trying to make him learn a different language. All of a sudden Week 6, they’re like “maybe we should just call the plays that Tom used to run in New England.’ They try that and boom they go to the Super Bowl.”


Manning knows what he’s talking about in regards to Rodgers heading to a new team, because he experienced the same thing as well when he left Indianapolis for Denver.

“When I went to Denver, they took my playbook and they said ‘Hey, we’re going to run all the plays that you like…’ we’ll work together,” Manning explained.

Rodgers heading to the Jets has finally given the fanbase hope for the first time in decades – just ask Mike Greenberg.

But could the Jets, who always somehow seem to screw things up, have actually struck gold with the 39-year-old Rodgers?

“The fact that Aaron doesn’t have to learn a new offense, a new snap count, a new formation, he’s going to play fast and use his incredible athletic ability and I see him playing well early next year and should be fun to watch,” Manning told McAfee.

That’s music to the Jets fans and team’s ears as it’s now-or-never for Rodgers to win another Super Bowl and for the Jets to finally return to one for the first time since 1969… when Joe Namath was the quarterback.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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