ESPN’s Mike Greenberg Is Acting Like A Desperate Fanboy Waiting On An Aaron Rodgers To The Jets Announcement

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Aaron Rodgers is driving the entire sports world crazy, but nobody is letting the quarterback’s decision affect them more than Mike Greenberg. The ESPN host is a diehard New York Jets fan, but based on updates from his wife, Greenberg seems to be struggling to function as a human being waiting for the Rodgers announcement.

While his Jets’ fandom is a little over the top given that he mentions it just about every time he’s on television, I’m not about to knock a man for being a diehard fan of a team. Adults getting worked up over other adults playing a game is part of what makes sports so great and fascinating.

Having said that, Greenberg is full-on letting Rodgers control his life, and that’s just sad.

Greenberg’s wife, Stacy, has been documenting her husband seemingly losing his mind over Rodgers’ decision.

Last week Greenberg flaked on dinner and spending time with his family and friends in order to update his Twitter feed for Rodgers updates. Somehow, his wife did get him to go to the broadway show for a couple of hours.

Fast forward to this Monday, and Stacy shared a photo of him with his head in his hand looking at his laptop screen in utter disgust. Greenberg looks like he was just told he has to attend a mandatory inclusivity luncheon, his third of the week, with his ESPN counterparts.

Again, Greenberg being a diehard fan and wanting his dumpster fire of a franchise to land an all-time great QB is one thing. Maybe just keep the sappy fanboy stuff of of social media as a 55-year-old man paid millions to talk about sports.

This behavior makes sense though, seeing as how Greenberg is the type of guy to push his dog around in a stroller. These types of people can not be trusted.

Written by Mark Harris

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