PETA Is Coming After Good Burger Sequel Because They Truly Are The Worst

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You know who’s NOT excited for the upcoming Good Burger sequel? PETA.

Shocking, I know. Can’t imagine why those fun folks would be a stick in the mud about anything!

Anyway, the wet blankets are apparently outraged that Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are reprising their roles as Dexter and Ed in the follow-up to the 1997 comedy, and even reached out to them via letter to beg them not to shine a light on eating cows.

Instead, they have a healthy, inclusive alternative …

“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the vegan burger – can I take your order?” wrote PETA in a letter directly to the two iconic actors.

“That’s what we at PETA have in mind for Good Burger 2. Some things (like beef patties) are better left in the ’90s, and if Good Burger has any hope of surviving new competition in 2023, its menu will abundantly feature animal-free offerings, including meat-free burgers, dairy-free shakes, and, of course, a special secret vegan sauce.”

Good Burger 2 under attack by PETA.
Good Burger 2 better have vegan patties!

Good Burger 2 better be vegan, says PETA

Well, there you have it, folks. Sorry. We’re gonna have to scrap Good Burger 2 because PETA doesn’t think beef patties work in 2023. Oh, well. I’m sure it would’ve been funny.


Side note: what exactly did PETA hope to accomplish by emailing me this letter? Have they ever read OutKick? This seems like more of a HuffPost story if you ask me.

I mean, clearly they didn’t read this story from last Saturday …

“Given that the meat and dairy industries are causing the senseless suffering of billions of animals, destroying the planet, and wreaking havoc on human health, would you, Kenan and Kel, please use your influence to ensure that the sequel promotes kindness and sustainability with an all-vegan restaurant in the film?” the letter continues.

“We’d be happy to meet with the production to help in any way we can. Thank you for your consideration. We hope to hear from you soon!”

I’m sure you will! If recent box office smashes like Top Gun: Maverick have taught us anything, it’s that bending the knee to the mob and creating terrible woke films are what everyone wants to watch!

Although, I will say, I think watching Ed try to wrap his mind around a vegan burger would be funny.

Anyway, Good Burger 2 was officially greenlit last week, and is set to come out sometime later this year on Paramount+.

Watch party at PETA HQ!

Written by Zach Dean

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