Patrick Mahomes’ Very Hateable Brother, Jackson, Is Back To His Hateable Ways With A New TikTok For The Haters

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Nothing says the start of the NFL season quite like Jackson Mahomes releasing his annual NFL hype video where we’re all reminded of just how big of a douche Patrick Mahomes’ brother is.

With the season just days away, Jackson, who was arrested on an aggravated sexual battery charge in May, fired up TikTok to do some stupid sing-a-long that has really inspired his fans.

“This is how I know football is coming back every year,” wrote Sarah, who is referencing Mahomes’ annual reminder that he exists just before the family’s breadwinner goes out to play for the Chiefs.

The comments just keep rolling in.

“Bro in the police car.”


“Are you on ur way to the celly?”

“Go back into hiding.”

You get the idea: the jerkoff is hated and loved by many.

According to the Johnson County (Kansas) District Court, Jackson Mahomes makes his next court appearance August 31 to answer to the aggravated sexual battery charges he faces for his actions with Aspen Vaughn, a restaurant owner who said earlier this month that she had to close her business due to a 75% drop in profits.

In a video from the incident, police say it shows Mahomes grabbing Vaughn and kissing the woman.

Will the loser brother of the two-time Super Bowl champion Chiefs quarterback be in attendance on September 7 when the Browns come to town?

Stay tuned.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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