Paige Spiranac Rival Karin Hart Cranks Up The Heat With ‘Bad Girl’ Vacation

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Golf influencer Karin Hart, perhaps the biggest threat to Pageviews Paige Spiranac, is launching into summer with a “bad girls” vacation.

The 34-year-old Instagram star fired a lethal shot to the internet Wednesday, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at her most recent trip.

“Bad girls are just good girls on vacation…” she said before hitting play on a spicy video that included her posing in various positions around a pool in a pink bikini.

No clue what the caption means, but I don’t reckon people paid too much attention to it.

Karin Hart looks to close the gap with Paige Spiranac

Your move, Paige Spiranac. Karin Hart here just started summer with an absolute missile, and now it’s time to see how the GOAT of the golf influencer world responds.

Hart, by the way, has been hot on Paige’s heels for quite some time now. She teased some OnlyFans content in April, celebrated May the Fourth with a lightsaber, and even took a shot at Tom Brady after his divorce last fall.

Not a bad little resume.

Of course, it’s one thing to chase Paige Spiranac, and another to catch her. Paige has fended off the competition for years now, including Karin, Grace Charis, Bri Teresi and others.

It’s a crowded field, but — so far — Spiranac has kept everyone at arm’s length.

Perhaps rockets like this are the reason why?

That bad boy went viral with nearly 230k likes. Karin Hart’s bad girl vacation post, by comparison, is sitting at just over 2,300 likes as of today.

The gap is clearly wide right now, but summer has also just begun. If Karin promises a “bad girl” summer, buckle the hell up, Paige Spiranac.

All bets are off.


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