Golf Influencer Karin Hart Grabs A Lightsaber For Some ‘May The Fourth’ Content

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Golf influencer Karin Hart traded in her golf clubs for a lightsaber on Thursday. She did so to help celebrate the unofficial holiday known as Star Wars Day.

It is, of course, celebrated every year on May 4th, or “May the Fourth” a play on the famous line from one of the movies that says, “may the Force be with you.” Clever, I know.

Golf Influencer Karin Hart Star Wars Day
Golf influencer celebrates Star Wars Day (Image Credit: Karin Hart/Instagram)

I’m usually vehemently opposed to such things, but there’s something about Karin’s possible seizure inducing video that had me interested in the holiday this year. Not just in Star Wars Day content alone, but also in the origins of the holiday itself.

If you guessed it had something to do with a London newspaper and Britain’s former prime minister Margaret Thatcher then you’re way ahead of me. That would have taken several hundred days worth of guesses before I would have arrived there.

Before we get to that, let’s find out what the day means to Karin. She’s a fan of the movies and did put in some effort to celebrate the day. Let’s hear from her.

“Good morning, happy Star Wars Day. It is May fourth and I just posted that really cool Star Wars reel,” Karin said in her Instagram Story. “I watched Star Wars growing up and I absolutely love it.”

That all seems to check out and explain why she decided to get in on the Star Wars Day action.

May The Fourth Be With Karin Hart

Now that you’ve properly celebrated let’s get into how this all came about. The whole writer/Margaret Thatcher thing.

According to – seems official – a writer at the London Evening News wrote the headline “May the 4th Be With You” on May 4, 1979 to welcome Britain’s new prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

The entire headline of the full-page ad read “May the Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations!”

Prior to that, there were some headlines in the US in 1978 that tried to link the “May the Force be with you” line to the Fourth of July. That didn’t land like “May the Fourth.”

So essentially fans of Star Wars, who have been celebrating “May the Fourth,” have actually been celebrating the day Margaret Thatcher took office forty-plus years ago.

So grab those lightsabers so we can properly celebrate. Happy Margaret Thatcher Day! Let’s celebrate with more Karin Hart content.

Written by Sean Joseph

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