Paige Spiranac Forced To Delete Fat-Shaming Comments On Instagram

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Paige Spiranac is a lot of things, fat is not one of them. That fact didn’t keep the most popular golf influencer on Instagram – and OutKick for that matter – from receiving comments from men saying that she is.

Paige took to her Instagram story on Wednesday night and revealed that she was forced to delete many comments from men calling her fat on her latest Instagram video. The video features her taking a golf swing in a form-fitting pink one piece outfit.

Here’s part of what Paige told her millions of followers, “Honestly the amount of men calling me “fat” on this post is next level lol. I’ve had to delete so many comments which I almost never do.”

“I know my body is a big part of my brand ad that comes with a territory but it’s hard to maintain my ideal weight all the time for year after year.”

Paige Spiranac/Instagram Story

Don’t Let The Haters Get You Down

These are obviously trolls of the worst kind leaving these comments. The ones who are coming from a position that doesn’t exist in reality.

She is the reigning “Sexiest Woman Alive” after all. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the video in question and form your own opinion accordingly.

Every once in a while a heckler gets into an athlete’s head. Let’s hope that’s all Paige is going through here. Let’s hope she’s not bothered by a few losers trying to throw her off her game.

The last thing any of us wants to see is a content slump from our favorite golf influencer. We don’t need any second guessing from her when it comes to content.

Keep doing you! And keep your ear turned towards the supporters. They far outweigh any of the haters. The world needs more “Happy Place” towels and working on your jiggle videos!

Written by Sean Joseph


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