Paige Spiranac Announces Next Chapter As Stripper ‘Sandy Mounds’

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Paige Spiranac has done it again. Just when you think she’s come up with every angle on golf influencing that could possibly exist she proves she has more up her sleeve.

The world’s No. 1 ranked golf influencer teased on Wednesday evening that she had a big announcement for her large fan base that was dropping on Thursday. I was tipped off about the big news and double-checked to make sure my notifications were on.

Paige Spiranac Stripper Sandy Mounds
Golf’s top influencer trying her hand at being a stripper (Image Credit: Paige Spiranac/YouTube)

You don’t want to be the last to learn about a big Paige Spiranac announcement. It literally be anything. She’s always a step ahead of the rest of the influencing game.

Was she teaming up with another golf influencer for some sort of major golf/influencer crossover event? Did she have another instructional video for golfers with big boobs? Had she joined Holly Sonders’ new Exposed Sportz league?

There were so many possibilities, although I have to admit the joining Sonders’ new league was the least likely of the things that popped up in my mind.

Well, we don’t have to speculate about what Spiranac’s big announcement is anymore. Because on Thursday afternoon she dropped her “Life Update: My Next Chapter” video which explains it all.

The former golfer turned influencer is now adding stripper to her resume, sort of. The video’s caption sets the tone for the next chapter of her life under the stage name Sandy Mounds.

“People are always asking me if I’m a dancer or a golfer based on the way I present myself,” the caption explains. “So I decided to take your advice and try this new career path! Here’s a peek into my recent journey of self discovery…”

There’s Nobody Better In The Influencing Game Than Paige

The more than seven minute video details her journey into the world of stripping. The humorous takedown of the haters who seem to think she’s trying to be a stripper is Paige Spiranac at her very best.

She takes everyone behind the scenes of her brainstorming session to come up with her stage name, finding her perfect outfit, and a pole redesign that was more suitable for her.

Unfortunately for those trying to steer Spiranac in that direction, her run as Sandy Mounds ended in disaster. She wasn’t cut out for the competitive world that is stripping.

It turns out we’re not going to be able to add stripper to Spiranac’s already impressive resume. But we might be able to add comedic actor.

She’s funny, she gets content, and she’s a decent enough actor. Let’s get her a part in a romantic comedy or something.

Even the haters would tune in for that. As much as they love to hate on her they obviously can’t stay away from everything she’s doing.

Written by Sean Joseph

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