Paige Spiranac Has One Big Problem With Michael Block’s PGA Championship Performance

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Oh hell no you didn’t!

Paige Spiranac, the world’s No. 1 ranked golf influencer, absolutely loved the feel-good story of PGA teaching pro Michael Block’s performance — and hole-in-one! — at the PGA Championship, but there’s one moment that the content creator took exception with.

On her latest episode of “Playing a Round with Paige” podcast, Spiranac, 30, who has been divorced and knows about the marriage game ending in disappoinment, said she had a big problem with how Block handled the first hug with his wife, Val, after walking off No. 18 and into the hearts of American golf fans.

Paige says this was the perfect moment for Block to lay a huge kiss on his wife, but he failed the mission.

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac says she had one big issue with PGA teaching pro Michael Block’s reaction while embracing his wife after his incredible PGA Championship performance. / Getty Images / NBC Sports

“I’m just sayin’, if I’m on camera and I’m going up to my man and I’m like going in for a hug and I’m putting my head up going for a kiss and he just denies me a kiss in front of all these people on camera, I would be bringing that up later. Not only just later that day, but every single day for the rest of our lives until we die,” Paigeviews told her co-host Samantha Marks.

“We’ll like be laying next to each other on our death beds and I’d be like, ‘Remember when you didn’t kiss me on camera?’

“That would be the last thing I’d ever say,” Spiranac added.

Woah, wait just a minute, Michael Block just added $288k to the family checking account and now gets more opportunities to cash more checks via an invite to this week’s Charles Schwab event and then the Canadian Open.

The guy was clearly caught up in the emotions and didn’t lay on the kiss with tears and snot running down his nose.

Doesn’t matter, according to Paigeviews.

“That would be a fight later,” the fired-up social media icon noted.

If you’re a Big J looking for a Michael Block storyline heading into the Schwab, there you have it.

“Michael, what’s your reaction to Paigeviews Spiranac’s reaction to your reaction when you saw Val heading your way while walking off the 18th at Oak Hill?”

Someone ask the guy. It’s content waiting to happen.

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