Orioles Owner John Angelos Wants You To Believe He Has No Idea How Kevin Brown Was Suspended, Vows It Won’t Happen Again

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Baltimore Orioles owner John Angelos is shocked – SHOCKED that Orioles broadcaster Kevin Brown was suspended from the Orioles-owned MASN telecast. But don’t worry everyone, Angelos says he will investigate and vows that it will never happen again.

Interesting PR strategy there, Angelos but here’s why it won’t work: We don’t believe you and history shows that you’re lying.

After Orioles officials denied that Brown was allegedly suspended over disparaging-but-true facts about the Orioles’ past weak performance, Angelos seems to all but contradict that. In a new interview with the New York Times, Angelos now says that the Brown situation – and by extension “suspension,” should “never have happened,” in the first place.

Angelos said the team was reviewing the internal processes that resulted in discipline for (Brown), who merely pointed out on air that the Orioles used to struggle mightily in road games against the Tampa Bay Rays. Angelos said he hoped that Brown would remain with the team for a long time. “Nothing like that is going to happen again,” he added. “It shouldn’t have happened once.”

-New York Times
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Baltimore Orioles owner John Angelos discusses broadcaster Kevin Brown. (Getty Images)


So we’re supposed to believe that Orioles ownership who have done the same thing in the past when they fired Orioles broadcaster John Miller, as well as terminated the Orioles public address announcer, suddenly had no idea what or who pulled Kevin Brown off the air?

Even if it wasn’t an official “suspension,” the fact remains that Brown didn’t do nearly two weeks of telecasts. There was hardly any word from the Orioles whatsoever – and yet, now they are going to look into it?

What’s even more insulting by Angelos playing dumb here is that the Orioles own the MASN network. If John Angelos was so concerned about what happened to Kevin Brown, then why the heck didn’t he do anything during that time period?

I mean, is Angelos even paying attention to what is happening on the field and at Camden Yards? On August 8, thousands of Orioles fans were screaming at is own stadium, “Free Kevin Brown!” You think he would have heard that, no?


Is John Angelos so clueless with what is happening in baseball that he somehow missed the likes of Al Michaels, Gary Cohen, Michael Kay, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, nearly every media outlet in Baltimore and sports media outlet across the country criticizing the Orioles and what they did?

And if not, then the question needs to be asked – why didn’t Angelos issue a statement, talk to reporters, OR bring Brown immediately back to the booth? If there was indeed some sort of misunderstanding then why did it take Angelos nearly a month before announcing that he would look into the “internal processes” that happened?

Later in the Times article, Angelos went on to say that he “regrets” that the Kevin Brown situation has become a distraction.

Oh, it was more than a distraction John, it was an unneeded embarrassment to you and your organization. And it happened with the team actually in first place for the first time in forever in the AL East!

Unfortunately, it only looks to be getting worse for Angelos and the future of the Orioles, who still don’t have a guaranteed lease with Camden Yards next year. Can’t wait to see who Angelos blames that one on.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.

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