OnlyFans Mom Lost Friends & Family Because Of Her Choice To Make Content

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OnlyFans mom Lucy Banks has had an interesting run as a content creator. She’s found a niche serving her subscribers with a “girlfriend experience” that has provided a steady income for her family. But it’s come at a cost to her personally.

Lucy has been reported to the police in her native Australia multiple times for her career choice. She had to move and even had someone tell her young son what she does for a living.

She recently revealed that on top of all that she’s lost friends and family because of her decision to make content. They’re not fans of her line of work and cut ties with her.

The single mom says that she’s had some relatives that have refused to speak to her for a couple of years. In addition to family members she’s lost, entire friend groups have turned their back on her.

“I come from a small town and everyone found out I did OnlyFans. Everyone wanted to have a sticky beak,” Lucy explained. “I fell out with my entire friend group.”

“I felt so bad but another side that kicked in and told me, ‘You have not personally done anything to those people. You’re still the same person.'”

This OnlyFans Mom Is Staying Focused No Matter What

Despite all of the ups and downs of the content game, and the family members and friends lost, this OnlyFans mom has kept her focus on the one thing that matters most. Providing for her kids.

Which she has done so one subscriber at a time, with one piece of “naughty Australian MILF” content after another. There aren’t any plans to change that.

Sure Lucy Banks could have kept her corporate banking job and been chained to her desk for the next thirty years. She would have more family members talking to her and a larger pool of friends if she did that.

But who would provide the girlfriend experience to her subscribers? And more importantly who would be making her a millionaire with multiple properties?

Written by Sean Joseph

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