OnlyFans Mom Claims She Makes Her Living Providing Her Subscribers With The ‘Girlfriend Experience’

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Being an OnlyFans model isn’t all about nudity and sexually explicit content. There are some subscribers on the exclusive content platform willing to part ways with their disposable income for a personal connection with the content creators.

This is something that OnlyFans creator Lucy Banks has discovered. In fact, she’s creating content to cater to this segment of the subscribers. She refers to her brand of content as the “girlfriend experience.”

OnlyFans Model Lucy Banks Girlfriend Experience
OnlyFans model provides subscribers with the girlfriend experience (Image Credit: Lucy Banks/Instagram)

Now if her name sounds familiar that’s because the mother of two has made a couple of appearances over the last several months dealing with the many haters her line of work attracts. Most recently Lucy detailed an incident involving a hater who told one of her kids what she does for a living.

Maybe this is an attempt by her to add on to what she’s already discussed with her son about her occupation. You know, so there are some more details about her headline making when he’s old enough to look them up for himself.

Mom didn’t just get naked on the internet for strangers. She provided a valuable girlfriend experience for her subscribers looking for some interaction with a content creator.

Lucy traded in the long boring hours in corporate banking for the much more lucrative career as an OnlyFans model. The decision has paid off, minus the haters of course. She now takes home $2,500 a day.

Lucy’s girlfriend experience has led to exchanging messages with some of her subscribers on a daily basis. She puts in the work and know things about their personal lives, like birthdays and their dogs’ names.

Lucy Banks Has Cracked The Code

“I’ve got subscribers who message me good morning, every single day. And then I’ll message them back, tell them what I had for breakfast. It’s like talking to your girlfriend. I know my subscribers’ birthdays. I know their dogs’ names,” she explained.

“You know, I know what their day-to-day life is like, it’s not always sexual and sending pornos and stuff. It really is a deeper connection. I guess they probably come to my page because they’re curious, but they stay because there’s that genuine connection.”

That doesn’t mean she hasn’t fielded and delivered on some odd requests. She’s done that too. One of her subscribers wanted pictures of her elbows, while another asked her to oil up and slide on a bench in kitchen.

Those weirdos are out there too. But Lucy says she’s seen an increase in her personalized girlfriend experience, even with the rise in the cost of living.

The texting back and forth is one thing. If she’s not stealing your joy and crushing your spirit then it’s not an authentic girlfriend experience. Or is that the wife experience?

Written by Sean Joseph

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