OnlyFans Mom Says Someone Told Her Son About Her Career, But The Hater’s Plan Backfired Because The Kid Is All About The Content Game

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The last thing you want to have happen if you’re an OnlyFans model with small kids is for them to find out what you do for a living. Some content creators go to great lengths to make sure their kids don’t find out.

We’re talking aliases, afterhours content sessions, anything to make sure the little ones don’t find out. Even with all of the precautions in place, some kids still manage to find out. Lucy Banks, who has had plenty of run-ins with haters, had one of her sons learn about her career.

OnlyFans Model Lucy Banks
OnlyFans model’s kid was told about her career (Image Credit: Lucy Banks)

According to Lucy, someone told her son that she does OnlyFans for a living. When her son learned about his mother’s occupation he had some questions.

When asked, the single mother had a question for her son to answer first. Lucy said, “I asked him if he knew what OnlyFans was, and he responded, ‘It’s where you sell nudes.'”

The 32-year-old added that an unknown person, likely a hater, told her son about her OnlyFans.

Lucy said, “Someone in his life had told him this information, but he wouldn’t tell me who it was. So I asked him, ‘How do you feel about it?’ and was surprised by his answer.”

It turns out the hater’s attempt to tear this family apart was a big waste of time. Her son was completely fine with the fact that his mother undresses for strangers on the internet in order to keep a roof over their heads.

Love Of The Content Game Runs In The Family

He understands the content game completely. Lucy said, “He told me, ‘It’s fine. Who cares? People do worse things for money – have you heard of hitmen?'”

That’s right, kid. Hitmen are way worse than the single mom turning to a career in content because it beats the hell out of working a desk job for a fraction of the pay.

“This led to an open, healthy dialogue, and I told him to come to me if he had any more questions about my job,” Lucy added. “He said, ‘If you’re happy, then that makes me happy.'”

Lucy’s career has done a lot more than put a roof over their head. She’s purchased three properties with her earnings and says her kids are set for life.

This kid is wise beyond his years. If he slips up and starts throwing around certain words, or tells his mom he has a problem with how she makes a living, there’s a good chance he’s getting written out of the will.

Written by Sean Joseph

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