OnlyFans Mom Says Her Boobs Grew Back After Having Breast Reduction Surgery

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In the world of content there are plenty of creators willing to go under the knife to achieve the desired look they’re after. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent on multiple procedures for everything from lip fillers to boob jobs.

But not everyone is chasing a certain look. Some are just born with it. Australian mom turned OnlyFans model Evie Leana, who followed in her daughter’s footsteps by joining the platform, says she’s one of the ones who hasn’t had anything done.

During a Q&A session with her Instagram followers – which she asked remain PG – one of her followers asked, “Are you all natural.”

Evie replied by admitting that she had gone under the knife once, but not for an enhancement. Years ago she had a breast reduction. She revealed, “Yes. Completely natural but I had a breast reduction 10 years ago.. they grew back.”

OnlyFans mom Evie Leana boobs
OnlyFans mom tells followers she’s all natural (Image Credit: Evie Leana/Instagram Story)

Given her new career she’s probably glad they grew back. Making the jump to content as a mother has paid off for her. Evie and her daughter, Tiahnee, increased their income from $20,000 the first couple of months to more than $120,000 by January of this year.

It’s safe to assume that their income has only gone up from there. Mom continues to give the haters a solid stiff-arm and recently joined Playboy’s Centerfold, adding another platform to the mix.

Evie Leana Doesn’t Have The Time For Plastic Surgery

That’s right we can add Playboy model to Evie’s growing resume. We can also add whatever income that brings in to her growing bank account.

This is further proof that you really can have it all. You can be a good mom, who happens to make content for a living, and you don’t need to have a bunch of surgeries to live the dream.

Who has time to take care of the kids, churn out content, and go under the knife? Not this mom. Evie’s got enough on her plate without all that.

Written by Sean Joseph

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