Content Creator Ignores Family Members Calling Her Mentally Ill For Her Pursuit Of Bigger Boobs

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In the world of content creating it can be hard at times for those around the creator to see things the same way that they do. Even family members might not fully understand the vision.

Maddison Fox, a self-described “Barbie Bombshell” from England, falls into this category. The 30-year-old model, streamer, and content creator’s pursuit of bigger boobs has caused family members to label her as mentally ill.

Content Creator and OnlyFans Model Maddison Fox Bimbofication
Content creator has no plans to end her pursuit of bigger boobs (Image Credit: Maddison Fox/Instagram and TikTok)

Maddison isn’t letting such labels hold her back. She’s already had three boob jobs, costing more than $38k, since the age of 21. The latest of which was performed last year.

“When I say ‘hi guys I would like to get bigger boobs’ it is like ‘oh my god how dare you, you are mentally ill’ and ‘this woman needs help,'” she said.

Maddison is into something called “bimbofication” and has fully embraced it. This has led to a ton of success for her in the adult industry. So in all likelihood her family’s opinions are going to be ignored.

What exactly is bimbofication? Let’s let the professional break it down. According to Maddison, “It is the process of seeking what you perceive as perfection.”

“It is plastic, altered, hyper-feminine, curves, big boobs, small waist, high heels, long hair, glamorous makeup, nails, eye lashes, lip fillers, Botox, you name it.”

Maddison Fox Turned Losing Her Job Into A Bimbofication Journey

Maddison claims that her transformation into a “Barbie Bombshell” has freed her from pain, self doubt, and the social restrictions of what people are supposed to look like.

“I am 30 and I finally found who I am and I feel special. I love myself and I love who I am, not just for how I look but for who I am as a person.”

How does one go about freeing themselves and finding who they are? Well, in Maddison’s case she can thank losing her 9-5 for that.

She was let go by her job, got into webcamming, started to earn some money, then went on her bimbofication journey.

Maddison came out the other side with enormous fake breasts and a large following on social media. It’s not a path everyone is going to take, but we’re all on our own journey.

Written by Sean Joseph

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