Influencer With Boobs So Big She Had To Buy A New Car Wants To Go Bigger With Another Enhancement Surgery

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Some people might consider having to purchase a new car because your boobs didn’t fit in your old car as a sign that you’ve gone too far with the breast enhancements. Influencer Amber May isn’t one of those people.

The 23-year-old, who is walking around with 36NN boobs, has plans too go bigger with another enhancement surgery. The next breast enhancement surgery will be her sixth. Add that to the Brazilian butt lifts, the multiple nose jobs, the facial fillers and work on her teeth, and she’s already shelled out more than $87,000.

OnlyFans Amber May 36NN boobs
Influencer with large fake boobs wants to go even bigger (Image Credit: Amber May/TikTok)

The Leicestershire, England based content creator has made the money to fund her transformation on OnlyFans. That’s the place where she receives the most praise for her ridiculously enormous chest.

Some of the people on her other social media accounts aren’t as supportive of her seemingly endless procedures.

“Most of my fans and followers love my boobs,” she said. “But I often get comments from trolls on my TikTok page saying I have gone too far or that my breasts will pop – but I just ignore them.”

There’s a very good reason why she ignores the trolls in her TikTok comment section. The bigger her boobs are, the bigger her bank account has become.

“Since I’ve gone bigger, I’m making more money. I like the look of my chest and my real fans also like seeing me go bigger,” she explains.

“‘Bimbofication’ is an identity and it’s a way of expressing myself. I love the fake look, everything pink and enhancing myself.”

Why Stop At Not Being Able To Fit In A Car?

Amber, who started her “Bimbofication” process as a B-cup, says that despite the enhancement to her bank account there are a few downsides to her cartoonishly large chest.

Working out isn’t easy and simple tasks like tying her shoes are all but off the table. Her boobs are so big that she had to buy a new car because she couldn’t fit her boobs in the old one anymore.

None of these obstacles are getting in Amber’s way. She’s powering through and is hopeful she’ll be back on the operating table later this year. Assuming she’s able to get on a doctor’s calendar.

There aren’t many who upgrade 36NNs. That said, there are a few and she’s looking forward to dropping $37,000 in Belgium.

“It’s hard to find a surgeon that will do implants bigger than my current size – there’s only a few in the world who will.” She added, “I can’t wait to see what they will look like!”

I can’t wait to see what they look like either, Amber. Why stop at your boobs not being able to fit in cars? I say keep going until your boobs no longer fit through the doorway of your house.

Written by Sean Joseph

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