Instagram Model, Who Spent Time As The ‘Uniboob Queen’ Due To A Breast Implant Exploding, Drops 20 Pounds After Reduction Surgery

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Instagram model Mary Magdalene has a new look. She’s no longer the “Uniboob Queen,” a nickname she handed herself after one of her enormous breast implants exploded last month.

She recently went under the knife to have the unfortunate situation rectified. Instead of opting to have her popped breast refilled to its reported 38J size, she opted for a more natural look.

Instagram model Mary Magdalene
Instagram model undergoes breast reduction surgery (Image Credit: Mary Magdalene/Instagram)

Mary said, shortly after naming herself the “Uniboob Queen,” that she was “going back natural.” She followed through with that plan and had new, much smaller, implants installed.

The 30-year-old told TMZ that she went from the outrageous 5,000cc implants all the way down to the much smaller 700cc ones. That’s a night and day difference.

The new implants made a difference on the scales as well. She added that the reduction in breast implant size caused a 20 lbs weight loss.

Mary shared her new look in a short video that also reveals there’s a lot of work to be done if she’s truly committed to getting back to a more natural look.

Her latest procedure included a lift, implant exchange, and liposuction for good measure. Like the multiple other surgeries Mary has had over the years this one took a toll on her health.

According to the Instagram model, she needed IV antibiotics during her recovery. Mary says that she developed an infection and a fever following her most recent operation.

We Haven’t Heard The Last From This Instagram Model

Now 50 surgeries in, she still has plans to have more work done. Her cheeks and lips are next on the list. She didn’t say whether those would be following the plan to return to a natural look or not.

The reduction in breast size could actually be a step in crossing a future surgery off of her list. The C cups are much easier on her back.

Assuming that Mary keeps the much smaller implants in from here on out, the lighter load on her back should keep a possible back surgery from taking place. In the meantime, pour one out for the 5,000ccs.

Written by Sean Joseph

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