French OnlyFans Model Created A Quiz Her Fans Can Take To Win A Date With Her

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French OnlyFans model Live with Laurie is one of the more unique content creators out there. She’s found a way to connect with her fans that many would never even consider. She handed over control of some of her life decisions to them.

Laurie’s fans had her quit her job and break up with her boyfriend. They also got to decide whether or not she should accept $1 million from a fan to quit OnlyFans. The vote was close, but concluded with 56% voting for her to reject the offer and keep making content.

French OnlyFans Model Live With Laurie
OnlyFans model gives her fans a shot at dating her (Image Credit: Live with Laurie/Instagram)

Making content has gone well for Laurie and she continues to build a loyal following on multiple platforms. The content game, however, has left her lacking in the relationship department. But don’t worry, she’s found a way to get her love life on track.

The content creator came up with a quiz that her fans can take in an attempt to get her attention and go out with her. She tweeted, “I couldn’t find the ideal boy so I did a giant quiz. Good luck.”

The tweet includes a link that takes you to the introduction of her “giant quiz.” There she asks, “Where are you normal guys?”

After asking the question she gets into the problems she has with DMs on Instagram and Tinder as well as failing to connect with guys at parties.

Most of the guys she meets wouldn’t give her the time of day when she was younger and she isn’t into that type of guy now. She says, “I couldn’t find a boy who fulfilled me or understood me. So I decided to embark on this crazy experiment.”

There’s Only One Live With Laurie

It’s an open invite for the “normal guys” in her fan base to reach out. Unlike the other decisions in Laurie’s life, this one appears to be up to her as she says she’ll be the one making the selections on potential matches.

It’s a bold move, opening up the floodgates and inviting her fans to shoot their shot in the form of a quiz. But Laurie is certainly used to bold moves.

It will be interesting if she’s able to find a normal guy who is down with the OnlyFans lifestyle. Especially an OnlyFans model who leaves decisions up to her fans.

There will be plenty who shoot their shot with Live with Laurie by taking her quiz. The question is how many of them will be considered normal.

Written by Sean Joseph

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