French Model Offered $1 Million To Quit Making OnlyFans Content, Leaves The Decision Up To Her Followers

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What would you do for $1 million? If you were a successful OnlyFans model, with a dedicated following of lunatics, and one of those lunatics offered you a million bucks to delete your account, would you?

That’s exactly the situation 22-year-old model, student, and tennis player from Paris, who goes by the name Live with Laurie on social media, was faced with recently.

French Model Offered $1 Million To Quit Making OnlyFans Content
French model leaves all of her life decision up to her fans (Image Credit: Live with Laurie)

One of Laurie’s fans offered her $1 million to delete her exclusive content page. She left the decision to accept the offer – as she does most other decisions – up to her followers.

Laurie isn’t your average content creator. For those of you that don’t recognize her, she’s the OnlyFans model who lets her fans control her life. Those same fans have made her quit her job and breakup with her boyfriend in the past.

They weren’t about to let her delete her page and control her own life. Here’s how it all went down. Laurie shared a message she received from a man on Telegram offering to pay her to delete her account.

The man explains in the message that he doesn’t want to share her anymore. He offered to send her half of the money upfront and the other half when the account has been deleted.

French Model OnlyFans
Subscriber offers model $1 million to delete OnlyFans account (Image Credit: Live with Laurie)

Life As An OnlyFans Model Isn’t A Dull One

The vote was a close one, but it ended with 56% of the people voting for her to reject the offer. She ended up apologizing to the creepy guy who wanted to keep her all for himself.

The people have spoken and Laurie’s OnlyFans will go on. As will her giving over control of her life to her strange following.

Turning down that kind of money seems crazy. Leaving the decision up to a group of strangers seems crazier. Given that she’s in the top 0.4% of creators on the platform she’ll be just fine financially.

For the time being her life will continue as her website states, “My life is in your hands! No, this is not a joke, from now on I have decided that I will no longer make the important decisions in my life. The one who will make them for me is you.”

Why change things up now? Everything seems to be working out just fine. Major life decisions are made for you, creeps flood your messages with insanity, and offers to pay tons of money are thrown your way. It beats working a desk job.

Written by Sean Joseph

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