Fighter Sammy-Jo Luxton Responds To Fan Who Offered To Drink Her Bath Water

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Muay Thai fighter Sammy-Jo Luxton, who recently signed with the PFL, is used to getting attention on social media. She’s also used to receiving odd requests from that attention.

There seems to be an increase in odd requests when pictures of the fighter/OnlyFans model are posted side-by-side showing her in and out of the ring. She jumped on early Saturday morning and did a “Which pose is better?”

One of the pictures is of Sammy-Jo in a cleavage revealing white one-piece with a see-through skirt. The other is of her kicking an opponent’s face in.

Now most of the reactions to the side-by-side were fairly normal. Things like actually picking which pose they preferred.

There were some responses that leaned toward the creepy. Not all the way in the creepy end up to their neck, more like calf height in the creepy waters. Things like asking for different views of what has been shared.

Then there are always a couple with no shame whatsoever. They live for the creepy. Much like the creep who wanted to let Sammy-Jo take a dump on her, there was one who brought up farts and bath water.

In true fighter fashion, Sammy-Jo doesn’t back away from these kinds of requests. She squares up and then faces them head-on.

She responded to the creep by saying, “Can confirm this is true.” There were roses and angel emojis that followed her response.

Sammy-Jo Luxton OnlyFans Fighter
OnlyFans fighter responds to latest odd request (Image Credit: Sammy-Jo Luxton/Instagram)

Sammy-Jo Luxton Is Pure Entertainment

How can you not root for a fighter with a sense of humor? Sammy-Jo isn’t one of those kinds of fighters who takes themselves too seriously outside of the ring.

She’s all business in the ring, does OnlyFans livestreams to celebrate victories, and has all kinds of fun on social media. A fighter built for the modern age.

Following her boxing debut on the Floyd Mayweather exhibition undercard, Sammy-Jo revealed that she’ll be making her PFL debut later this year in Paris.

Until then, she’ll be training hard for her PFL debut and dealing with plenty of odd comments and requests.

Sammy-Jo Luxton OnlyFans Fighter
OnlyFans fighter to make her PFL debut (Image Credit: Sammy-Jo Luxton/Instagram)

Written by Sean Joseph

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