Female Fighter Sammy-Jo Luxton Willing To Take A Dump On A Fan For The Right Price

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Attractive female fighters are everywhere these days. Whether we can thank social media for that, or an increase in women getting into fighting, we will probably never know.

Muay Thai fighter Sammy-Jo Luxton, aka Ghetto Cinderella, is an attractive fighter who appears to be benefitting from social media. She has a growing following on multiple platforms.

With the growing following comes an increase of strange interactions with fans. One of those fans got a conversation started on Twitter by sharing a picture of Sammy-Jo covered in blood next to a picture of her doing her best version of an Instagram model.

There were a ton of replies to the pics, but none stood out more than a guy who replied, “I’d let her take a dump on me.” It’s an odd response to the pictures of the attractive fighter, but it happened.

Sammy-Jo saw the bizarre comment and replied to it. She said she would be down to take a dump on the guy for the right price.

Let’s hope the fan was joking. And if he wasn’t let’s hope Sammy-Jo was joking when she agreed to do it for the right price.

Sammy-Jo Luxton Could Be The Next Paige VanZant

In unrelated news, well unrelated to taking a dump on someone anyway, Sammy-Jo is trying to get on to a fight card with a lot of eyeballs.

The 7-1 pro fighter has reached out to KSI in an attempt to get on one of the YouTuber turned boxer’s fight cards. She’s even mentioned a fellow attractive fighter as an opponent.

Sammy-Jo threw out Paige VanZant’s name. She also named some terms for the proposed match, “boxing rules in 4oz or 8oz gloves.”

Save the taking a dump on people stuff for the freaks in the deep corners of the internet. I’d much rather see Sammy-Jo and PVZ throw hands.

I doubt I’m alone with my preference. Her almost 23,000 Instagram followers are likely following her for reasons other than possibly fulfilling odd requests.

Sammy-Jo is a social media superstar in the making. Taking on another social media superstar would be a good career move. At this point in Paige’s fight career, it probably wouldn’t be that hard to get her to agree to step into the ring.

Written by Sean Joseph

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