Olivia Dunne Nukes Troll Body Shaming Her

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Olivia Dunne got into a bizarre exchange on a recent viral TikTok video.

The LSU gymnast has been on a tear lately, and she didn’t slow down Saturday night when she posted a video of herself dancing with some teammates.

As expected, the TikTok video immediately went viral and has more than 1.5 million views as of Sunday morning.

However, for some unknown reason, a random TikTok user decided to comment and take a shot at Dunne’s physical appearance by writing “cannonless.” While we’re not exactly sure what that means (I think we can all make an educated guess), Dunne knew it was a shot at her body and fired back.

“I’m an athlete. I’m not perfect but I’m happy with how I look. I am blessed enough to have a healthy body that’s capable of doing amazing things:),” the LSU star replied.

Olivia Dunne nukes body shamer. (Credit: TikTok)

Olivia Dunne shuts down troll.

What is there really to even say here? It’s just a weird situation for Olivia Dunne, but she clearly didn’t mind putting this person on blast in front of her 7.1 million followers.

Generally speaking, it’s not exactly considered normal in polite society to comment on people’s physical appearances on social media.

At least, that’s what I’ve always believed. Is that no longer the case?

Olivia Dunne gets into it with an online troll. (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

Look, the internet is oftentimes an unbearable place. Everyone is easily offended, it’s rarely fun and people have a tendency to be weird.

Commenting “cannonless” (how is this even real?) on a woman’s video is the definition of strange and weird. It’s a reminder people will say things online they wouldn’t ever say in-person.

Keyboard courage is a very real thing and our boy Vlad seems to have a lot of it.

Clearly, Olivia Dunne isn’t going to slow down. She’s vibing and if you come at the queen, you best not miss. Otherwise, you’re going to get put on blast in front of 7.1 million people.

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