Olivia Dunne Has A Mutiny On Her Hands As Gymnast Accuses Her Of Stealing Her Stuff

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Olivia Dunne has a full on mutiny on her hands as fellow college gymnast Sydney Smith has seemingly declared war, mere hours after insufferable Breckie Hill did the same.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, battle lines have been drawn. Time to choose which side of history you wanna be on.

The good side — that’s Livvy, of course. The confused side, which would be Sydney Smith. Or the undisputed bad side, which is of course Breckie Hill.

As they say in Saw, ‘time to choose.’


#stitch with @Olivia Dunne i mean shi i’ve copied too. But likee

♬ original sound – sydney smith

Sydney Smith fires a missile at Olivia Dunne

Goodness gracious, an absolute missile from Sid the Kid on an otherwise slow Thursday morning. Accusing Olivia Dunne of copyright infringement is serious stuff, but Smith here seems to have the evidence to prove it.

To recap: Dunne posted the video of her running around in the sand and smirking at the camera early Thursday, and — shockingly — it went viral. Three hours later, Sydney Smith here pumps out a “stitch,” which is basically TikTok’s version of tagging someone, accusing Olivia Dunne of stealing her stuff …

… for the second time!

Now, where does insufferable Breckie Hill come in? Well, earlier Thursday she also sent off a rocket aimed at Livvy when she told some stupid podcast that their ongoing feud was all Dunne’s fault.

Good luck deciphering this:

“She had, like, one of my friends that she’s also mutuals with, she had her text me and say, ‘Tell Breckie to stop,’” she said. “Like, I’m sorry. If you’re going to have one of my friends who you’re mutuals with tell me that, I’m not going to listen to it. You better tell me yourself.”

Huh? Again, good luck. What’s a “mutual?” No clue.

Anyway, a lot of bullets flying today, and they’re all aimed at Olivia Dunne. That’s what happens when you’re atop the mountain.

It’s easy to get there, but it’s harder to stay. Why? Because you have the Sydney Smith and Breckie Hills of the world coming for you.

Which side we choosing here? Frankly, I’m good with either Livvy or Sydney. I’m partial to both.

Anyone who chooses Breckie can get the hell out. She’s truly the worst.

Written by Zach Dean

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