Breckie Hill Calls Out Olivia Dunne After Being Blocked By LSU Gymnast On TikTok

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Breckie Hill hit 1 million Instagram followers Friday, and it coincided with her getting blocked on TikTok by Olivia Dunne.

It’s finally happened — the nation’s pettiest war has hit its boiling point, and Livvy has apparently dropped out of the race.


Now, I’m not sure if Dunne slapped the block button on poor Breckie yesterday or if she was just in her feelings for whatever reason, but she shot off a viral ‘Tok in the aftermath.

Breckie Hill blocked by Olivia Dunne on TikTok

How about the little caption there, too?


We LOVE a good petty war here at OutKick — it’s the lifeblood of the site, really — so I’m obviously here for the action.

Breckie’s been coming at Olivia Dunne for a while now ever since she was unofficially named Livvy with cannons, but the battle has gotten particularly messy as of late.

Remember, it was just last week that Hill challenged Dunne’s flexibility claims with an upside down heater of her own. Shortly after that little fracas, Hill threatened to get naked in the shower and then made out with a girl at a club.

Point, Breckie Hill.

Breckie Hill takes shot at Olivia Dunne.

Not to be outdone, Olivia’s kept her head low and continued to grind, becoming a Sports Illustrated model, hitting up Florida for summer vacation and modeling bikinis and cowgirl outfits.

Point, Olivia Dunne!

Hill surpassed 1 million Instagram followers earlier this week, and celebrated by sending out an unusually tame post thanking all of her friends for the support. Frankly, I expected more.

Whatever, though. Big week for both gals, but it certainly appears Livvy’s living rent-free in Breckie’s head right now.

Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Written by Zach Dean

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