Oh No, Don’t Do It! New York Times Union Wants Raises Or it Will Walk Out

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The New York Times Guild announced Friday that it has hit its breaking point and is prepared to unleash the wrath of 1,000 lib libs on management in the form of a 24-hour walkout on December 8 if its contract demands are not met.

OMG, where will libs get their instructional guides to coping with losing the midterm elections stories or nothing burger investigations into Barstool founder Dave Portnoy that conveniently forgot to mention the Times’ connection to sports gambling?

Oh no, don’t threaten a 24-hour walkout! Not the magical 24-hour walkout that billion-dollar corporate media entities lose sleep over. NOOOOOOO!

Let’s keep this as simple as possible: The Times’ Guild and management have been fighting over a new contract for approximately 20 months and we’ve arrived at a pivotal moment for workers who refuse to return to the office three days a week, as directed by the company. In September, 1,300 workers signed a pledge not to return to the office.

On the financial side of the negotiations, guild members hve asked for an 8% raise and a cost-of-living increase of 5.25%, and a promise of no mandatory return to the office mandates until July 2023 at the earliest.

Friday, the guild announced, “enough is enough.”

It’s walkout time – if demands are not met. This isn’t a strike. We’re talking about workers literally not showing up to work for one day. That’s right, sitting on their couches listening to NPR and watching CNN for 24 hours. That’s the threat.

NYT sports reporter Jenny Vrentas tweeted Friday that the Times Guild is looking for a $65,000 “salary floor” that would “ensure our workers make a livable wage and don’t have to come from money or work a second job.”

Imagine what it will be like if the guild pulls the trigger and actually keeps its word. You might have to go 24 hours without Sam Bankman-Fried speaking events hosted by the Times. The scary Covid death scoreboard might not get updated. The Times might take a day off from telling Americans that the flag is a symbol of division.

And who would tell us that it’s racist to talk about a possible China Covid lab leak?

I’m actually rooting for management to call the guild’s bluff on this one. Does the guild have the balls to walk off the job? That’s what we need to see. Will Jenny Vrentas and her fellow sports reporters take a day off and watch the ESPN lib libs while tweeting about how bad life is at the New York Times?

There’s a big problem for the Times’ Guild.

The Washington Post is going through layoffs and there are about to be some lib lib replacements on the free agent market.

Good luck to the Guild.

It appears you’re going to need it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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