New York Times Reporter Says It’s Racist to Talk About China’s COVID Lab Leak

An increasing amount of evidence and reporting suggests that COVID-19 may have escaped from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology lab in 2019. That’s not great news for certain groups — Democrats, the media, and Big Tech — that, one year ago, threatened to label anyone who wondered such a thing a dangerous conspiracy theorist.

While some blue checks are now willing to consider the “theory,” others are having a hard time. So, they’ve turned to a familiar trick: if you can’t add anything of substance to a growing conversation, call it racist. More often than not, it works.

New York Times reporter Apoorva Mandavilli, whose bio states that she mostly covers COVID, said that anyone who dares to mention that the virus may have originated in a Chinese lab is “racist.”

How innovative.

While some can mock Mandavilli, I’m going to ask her questions. I sincerely hope she answers.

Why should we, on May 26, 2021, stop talking about the lab leak theory? It seems this is the time to ask such questions. Just two days ago, the Wall Street Journal published a finding that revealed three researchers from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalized in November 2019 with symptoms mirroring COVID-19.

Mandavilli’s tweet comes one day after New York Times‘ favorite Dr. Anthony Fauci said the Wuhan lab theory must be investigated.

With these headlines in mind, why should we shut up about this topic like we were told to do one year ago? If you have an answer, Mandavilli, please let me know.

Racist, huh? Does that mean if mounting evidence emerged that a world-changing, life-killing virus may have escaped from a lab in the UK, Ireland, the United States under the Trump administration, or dare I say, Russia (!!!), it’d be racist to ask these questions?

Tough to answer, I bet.

Had Trump not called COVID the “Wuhan virus” would Mandavilli have sent out this tweet today?

Mandavilli and like-minded media members see defending China as an opportunity. Hollywood, the NBA, John Cena all do it — so why shouldn’t they? They all try to get into the same parties in New York.

The truth is that defending Communist China helps some people, like LeBron James and Cena, save millions of dollars, but not everyone, which explains Mandavilli’s deletion. She has nothing to gain from it.

It’s not racist to ask questions. These questions should’ve been answered 12 months ago. If there were ever a need for another 9/11-style commission, a deadly novel virus possibly escaping a lab would be it.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. No quarter, Bobby. None.

    These people need to answer for their thoughts no different than what is required of everyone else by them at every convenient turn. Demand a standard and require them to level the playing field otherwise, we’ll be at each other’s throats until a new generation takes over, if ever.

  2. Bobby I am officially declaring this article as racist. I will back up my assertion with absolutely nothing; however, you must not only delete it immediately, but apologize for ever having written it in the first place. Thanks in advance.

  3. So its racist to look into whether COVID-19 came from Wuhan but its not racist for schools like Harvard to ban Asians from admission based on their race.

    Progressive nonsense is beyond comprehension at this point.

  4. Can we just admit that CNN & the New York Times are no longer news organizations.
    They have become full progressive propaganda organizations.
    That is their right but for anyone to believe that they are still objective news organizations is delusional.

    • That’s it exactly. Going forward, they should be referred to as “Progressive propaganda outlet The New York Times,” and “Progressive propaganda outlet CNN.” You can throw that designation on MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC for that matter.

  5. I know these click bait articles get us fired up but man stop giving the NYT and other extended arms of the democratic party any spotlight, I’m now truly dumber know this person has a job. We will never be able to overcome these fools as they have big tech on their side, instead how about some stories on people who actually love America.

    • Yea I tend to agree. This overt propaganda will be the new normal.

      We need to focus on the remnant of people who genuinely love this country and hold respect for the traditional values that made America the leader of the free world for decades and decades

  6. Bob, Bob, Bob, stop trying to explain it and to understand it, and move on to daming it. We’ve moved past arguing with them or countering their flawed, stupid rhetoric. You’ll save a lot of time writing copy.

  7. These leftist so-called “journalists” are cretins who should be mocked and scorned. So NYT cretin, is it any less “racist” to say it came from a wet market even though it did not? We know it came from China. Since when are facts “racist”?

  8. Not to cloud this issue with historical facts or anything, but I seem to recall the media referring to the virus and its origin from China during the first month or so of the pandemic. They stopped doing this and declared it was racist seemingly because Trump was also indicating that the origin was from China. It’s just another case of lazy woke journalism. When called out, this person folded like a cheap tent and took down her tweet.

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