Tyreek Hill Tells Nick Cannon He's Coming For Him In Baby-Making Department

Tyreek Hill isn't just coming for the all-time single-season receiving yards record. The Miami Dolphins star receiver also wants to catch Nick Cannon in the baby-making department.

Speaking to 560 WQAM's Hochman & Crowder show, Hill, who already has five kids, boldly declared that he wants to catch Nick Cannon, who just announced baby No. 12 is on the way.

"Hey Nick Cannon, I'm coming for you," Hill said, adding that he'd ultimately like 10 kids. "A lot of people don't know my plan about having 10 kids. See, what I'm trying to do in the future is start my own track club with all my kids because they're gonna be fast. So we can just go around the world and just dominate.

"We'll be the 'Hill 10,'" he added, referencing the Jackson Five.

Tyreek Hill wants to start own track team with 10 kids

Anyone wanna compete with THAT track juggernaut? Gooooooood luck.

Hill is far and away the fastest receiver in the NFL, and he's in the midst of an unreal season. He leads the NFL in receptions (81), yards (1,148), targets (106) and backflips (1).

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are off to their best start in decades, and at 7-3, not only lead the AFC East but sit as the No. 2 seed in the conference entering their bye week.

Hill caught his fourth touchdown pass of the season in Sunday's dismantling of the Browns, and then promptly had the entire team perform CPR on him as he laid in the corner of the end zone.

While Hill could certainly add five more children to the stable, catching Nick Cannon may be a tall order.

Just last week, OnlyFans model Abby De La Rosa — who is Cannon's baby mama to twin toddlers Zion & Zillion — announced that she is expecting another child with the Masked Singer host, who will now have 12 children on his resume.

Earlier this month, it was announced Cannon was expecting baby No. 11 with Instagram model Alyssa Scott.

The Cheetah is fast, but I don't know if he has the 40-time to catch Nick.

It's a waiting game now.

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