Tom Brady Sent Brutal Reminder Days Before Bucs Playoff Game

Tom Brady may be gearing up for another playoff run with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the GOAT still can't escape his final days in New England. On the eve of yet another march to the Super Bowl, Brady was reminded by old pal - and current teammate - Logan Ryan just how bad things ended a few years back with the Patriots.

Ryan, if you recall, intercepted Brady and returned it for a touchdown on what turned out to be one of his final throws in New England in the 2019 AFC Wild Card game.

The Titans won, 20-13, to knock the Pats out of the postseason, and Brady left a few months later to join the Bucs. It's been a few years - and A LOT has happened since - but Ryan made sure Brady didn't forget his ill-fated pick by sending him a friendly reminder in the mail ...

With a simple request.

Tom Brady trolled by Bucs teammate Logan Ryan

What a damn troll job by Logan Ryan to keep the mood light heading into Monday's showdown with Dallas.

Brady and the Bucs enter the game as rare underdogs - at least for Brady - and the rumor mill has been running RAMPANT recently speculating whether this is Brady's final playoff run or not.

Frankly, we've done this every year since about 2014, so I'm not sure I even care any more. Brady ain't retiring after this run ends, and even if he does, he'll be back before anyone even notices.

Anyway, back to Logan Ryan, who just wants his damn ball signed before the GOAT calls it a career.

Love the move, and love Brady even more for playing along.

Tampa Tom has been such a breath of fresh air after 20 years of Bill Belichick brainwashing, and I've learned to appreciate the small things while we still have them.

Honestly, Ryan intercepting Brady and ending his Patriots career was the best thing to happen to him.

It got him out of New England, out from under Belichick, let him spread his wings a bit and eventually win yet another Super Bowl down in Tampa.

Yes, it may have ultimately led to his failed marriage, but that's neither here nor there.

Bucs by 3, by the way.

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