Tom Brady Has No Time For TV Camera Interrupting Bucs Huddle

Tom Brady needs a little space after a tough year.

During the second quarter of Sunday's game in Cleveland, Brady gathered the fellas in the huddle before a first down play when the GOAT noticed a FOX camera getting a little to close to the action.

And he wasn't having it!

Tom Brady won't have FOX camera spying on Bucs

Not on Tom's watch, FOX. Not today, not ever. You think Tom Brady doesn't notice every little thing after 20+ years on the job?

It's not our man's first rodeo.

Brady and the Bucs started fast but ultimately lost, 23-17, in overtime. Not great!

It's been one rolleroaster of a season for Brady, who split from now ex-wife Gisele Bündchen last month after he decided to un-retire in the spring. On top of that, it hasn't exactly been all ham and eggs on the field, either.

The Bucs started the year 3-5, Brady went through a rare three-game losing skid, and the offense has generally been awful all season.

Brady was also caught LAYING INTO his offensive line earlier this season by another well-placed FOX camera, so my guess is the 45-year-old is on high alert right now.

Thankfully, the Bucs play in the absolute awful NFC South, so they'll certainly make the postseason.

Hopefully there will be better days ahead for Brady and any cameraman who dares enter his space.

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