Ryan Fitzpatrick Rips Raiders DC Live On Air And Baker Mayfield Can't Stop Laughing

Baker Mayfield ripped the Las Vegas Raiders' hearts out on the field Thursday night, and Ryan Fitzpatrick cleaned up the leftovers off the field.

Mayfield joined Fitzpatrick and the Amazon TNF crew after leading the Rams to an improbable come-from-behind win, and the gang had a great time.

There was laughing, smiling, cheering, and, of course, putting people in body bags.

That's exactly what Fitzpatrick - a scholarly, Harvard grad - did to Raiders defensive coordinator Patrick Graham, who happened to graduate from Yale.

Crying Derek Carr is getting TORCHED today for just an awful performance, but Graham's terrible defense isn't far behind. Even Mayfield was shocked by how bad the play-calling was down the stretch.

Fitzpatrick, though, saw it coming from a mile away!

Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't surprised by stupid Raiders defense

Incredible stuff from an absolute A+ #contentmachine in Ryan Fitzpatrick. What a get for Amazon. Steal of the offseason, in my opinion.

The Raiders are in absolute shambles today, and rightfully so. How in the world do you let Baker Mayfield, who knows as much of the playbook as I do, drive 98 yards in two minutes to beat you?

And don't get me started on Derek Carr.

Derek Carr stinks. Let's just call it what it is.

Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit talked for an hour about how Carr's had no defense during his NFL career, and how we should all feel bad for him, and how heroic his crying-fit was a few weeks ago.

Nope. I'm out on Carr. He was putrid last night and should probably be on the market this time next month.

Anyway, Ryan Fitzpatrick is hilarious and Baker Mayfield is BACK.

What a time to be alive.

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