Pundit Claims Baker Mayfield Isn't A Top 64 QB In The NFL

Former NFL player Michael Robinson thinks Baker Mayfield is incredibly overrated.

Mayfield has been the focus of attention ever since it became clear his time in Cleveland was done. Now, the Oklahoma Heisman winner is with the Panthers. Can he beat Sam Darnold out of the starting job in Carolina?

That remains to be seen, but Robinson thinks he's not much of a player at all.

"Baker Mayfield is not a starting quarterback in the NFL. He's not, and I can make an argument he might not be one of the top 64," the NFL Network analyst and former player told his viewers when opining on Mayfield.

Now, let me say Robinson's comments about how Darnold might be the better option for the Panthers are fair. The former USC star is much more low key, knows the offense and doesn't let his emotions run wild.

That's about where Robinson started and stopped being correct.

I'm certainly no fan of Baker Mayfield, but not a top 64 QB in the NFL? Give me a break. That's an absolutely absurd take.

There are not 63 quarterbacks in the NFL better than Mayfield. There just aren't. Mayfield had a disappointing 2021 campaign, but he wasn't playing at 100%.

In 2020, the Browns were very competitive and Mayfield was more than competent. There's simply no evidence that Mayfield is at best the 65th best passer in the league.

Whether you like Mayfield or not, this take from Robinson is just wrong.