Najee Harris May Have Taken A Swipe At Steelers' Offensive Line

Najee Harris has clearly reached a boiling point with the lifeless Pittsburgh Steelers offense.

The Steelers were torched, 35-13, in Philadelphia Sunday, and the team has several glaring holes. The defense couldn't contain AJ Brown despite blanketing him all afternoon. Wide receiver Chase Claypool threw more touchdowns than QB Kenny Pickett and Harris couldn't do anything on the ground.

Perhaps it's because there were times where Harris literally had nowhere to run.

“I can’t make a hole. I can’t do everything," Harris said. "I try to control what I can control. I don’t know what more I can do other than just vocalize it."

Najee Harris frustrated with Steelers offense

Four rushes for 0 yards. That's a terrible stat for any running back, but especially for Harris, who is built like a tank and prides himself on downhill running.

The second-year back is clearly frustrated and appears to be taking it out on either his offensive line, his coaching staff, or both.

He finished the day with just 32 yards on eight attempts, while rookie Jaylen Warren continues to seem like a better fit in whatever offense Mike Tomlin is running in Pittsburgh.

Warren, the former Oklahoma State standout, ran for 50 yards on six carries, and is averaging nearly two yards more per carry this season than Harris.

While Harris continues to see the bulk of the carries in Pittsburgh, Sunday's output was by far the lowest of the season and his comments after the game clearly reflect that.

The Steelers, mercifully, head into a bye week before returning with a pair of tough games against the Saints and Bengals.

How Harris, Pickett and the rest of the offense responds coming out of the off week will certainly be something to monitor.

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