Lamar Jackson Was Stunned When He Found Out Bill Belichick Was Actually Human

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens head to New England Sunday to face Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

It'll be the third career meeting between Jackson and Belichick, with Lamar winning back in 2019 and Big Bad Bill escaping with a 23-17 win in 2020.

Jackson, by the way, has played very well in both games. He has a 102.4 QB rating and three passing touchdowns in two games, with 66 rushing yards and a pair of touchdowns on the ground in the inaugural meeting three years ago.

Now that they're plenty familiar with each other on the football field, Jackson admitted Wednesday his first encounter with the notoriously stringent Belichick caught him off guard a few years back.

"I seen Belichick smile," Jackson recalled. "Usually he's poker-faced, straight-faced. When I seen him smile I was like, 'Dang ... you got humor. I wasn't expecting you to be smiling."

Lamar Jackson recalls pre-draft NFL interview with Bill Belichick

Makes sense.

Belichick would scare the crap out of me at a pre-draft meeting.

You see him give one-word answers to every single question during the week, wear the Sith Lord Hoodie on Sundays, and expect me to not be surprised when/if he cracks a smile? No chance.

This is a guy that's so scary that a former player once INTENTIONALLY WRECKED HIS CAR so he would have an excuse when he late to practice. That's a true story.

Frankly, whenever I see Belichick smile, I'm still stunned. It's like spotting a white buck. You don't expect to see it, but can't take your eyes off it when you do.

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