Lamar Jackson Wants Contract Chatter To Stop; Offers Reporters Popcorn For ‘Good Questions’

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson can dodge defenders, but he can’t escape contract talks with the Baltimore media.

The former MVP went the offseason without reaching a contract extension with the Ravens, who reportedly offered him roughly $250 million ($133 million guaranteed) on a five-year deal.


Without a deal in place, contract talks are pouring into the regular season, and Jackson isn’t having it — until an idea popped into his head on avoiding contract questions.

Jackson brought a bag of popcorn with him to Wednesday’s media session and offered reporters a free treat if they asked good questions, i.e. no contract talk.

“If you got a good question, you get popcorn,” LJ said.

Unfortunately for Jackson, tons of Ravens reporters left the session hungry for answers and a snack.

“Respectfully, I’m done talking about it,” Jackson commented on his decision to remain mum with contract talks. “I told you guys before, I was going to be done with it Week 1. Week 1 is over with. We’re done talking about it. I’m focused on the Dolphins now.”

Another reporter tried to test Lamar, but with Belichick-like focus, he batted down the attempt.

“Like I said. I’m done talking about that, respectfully. Dolphin time, man,” Jackson responded.

After going back-and-forth at the discussion table with the Ravens’ front office, Jackson set a deadline for contract talks to Sept. 9; still, no deal was reached. For now, Jackson will play under his fifth-year contract option, worth $23 million this season.

Fans can debate whether the two-time Pro Bowler deserves his preferred QB contract (which he demands as a fully-guaranteed deal), but they can’t deny that Jackson’s been a fairly good sport about the ordeal and kept his sights on winning.

Jackson put on a star performance Sunday against the New York Jets: throwing for 213 passing yards, three touchdowns and one interception.

Baltimore defeated the Jets, 24-9, to start the season 1-0, while improving Jackson’s career Win-Loss record to 42-17.

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