Josh Allen Couldn't Stop Laughing While Bulldozing The Rams

The Josh Allen hype train and is off to the races after the Bills obliterated the Rams earlier this week.

The superhuman Buffalo QB was a popular MVP pick going into the year, and backed it up Thursday against the Rams, torching the defending Super Bowl champs in every way possible. 

Allen threw for nearly 300 yards and three touchdowns, ran for 56 yards and another score, and basically stole the soul of every single LA defender.

And, apparently, he did so with a smile. And a laugh.

Rams upset over Josh Allen chuckle

Maniac stuff.

Imagine being Aaron Donald, the consensus No. 1 defender in the NFL, and you get a good shot in on Allen only for him to just laugh in your face on the way down. That has to be debilitating. 

Remember the old Andrew Luck videos of him getting hit and then immediately shaking the guy's hand and congratulating him?

It was wild to watch every time, and I can't wait to get my hands on some footage of Allen maniacally laughing in someone's face as he's being sacked. 

That probably won't happen a lot this year, though. The Bills are a WAGON and Allen already looks unstoppable.

"While he's doing it, he's laughing," Singletary continued when asked again about Allen's stiff arm late in the game. "That just turns you up even more. I heard a couple F-bombs (from the Rams), they weren't too happy about it. But it is what it is ... they gotta deal with it."


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