Geno Smith Can't Do Anything To Keep Pete Carroll Off The Drew Lock Train

Geno Smith may be in the middle of a career season, but Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll still has eyes for Drew Lock.

Carroll was asked about Smith's red-hot start to the season earlier this week, and didn't exactly give the NFL's top-rated QB (yes, you read that right) a glowing endorsement.

"He’s doing everything we could ask of him right now," Carroll said of Smith, who leads the league with a 113 QB rating.

"It’s good, too, that he’s got Drew nipping at his heels every day in practice. Every day in practice, Drew does stuff. He’s got good stuff going right there in support of what Geno does. It just keeps everybody on their toes."

Pete Carroll can't stop thinking about Drew Lock

Um ... what?

For some reason, Pete Carroll is sort of obsessed with Drew Lock.

Yes, that Drew Lock.

The same Drew Lock that was horrible in Denver, has a career 79 QB rating, has completed less than 60% of his passes, and has gone 9-15 as a starter.

That guy ... apparently ... is "nipping" at Geno Smith's heels!

"It’s the whole thing about competition," Carroll said. "It’s good and we like (that) it continues to be this way."

Smith has been one of the biggest surprises in the NFL through the first five weeks, throwing for over 1,300 yards and nine touchdowns for the eighth-ranked Seattle offense.

The Seahawks - largely thought to be rebuilding this year - are off to a modest 2-3 start, but are in the thick of the NFC West race thanks to everyone else being pretty average.

Is Geno Smith the QB of the future in Seattle?

Doesn't matter, though! Get Drew Lock some snaps, pronto!

Look, Smith could very well fall off a cliff any week now. He's a career backup after his starting days flamed out in New York, and is clearly on a serious heater right now.

But he's also providing the organization with far more life than anyone would've thought this season, and he's made the offense WAY more fun than, say, the one we're seeing in Denver.

I forget, who's the QB over there again?

Anyway, Carroll should probably just ride the Geno train until the wheels undoubtedly come off in spectacular fashion.

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