Ezekiel Elliott Is The Latest Cowboy To Beg OBJ To Come To Dallas

It's an absolute full court press from the Dallas Cowboys right now in regards to receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Ezekiel Elliott is the latest to actively lobby for OBJ to come to Big D, telling reporters Wednesday in the simplest way possible that he wants the veteran receiver.

And by simplest, I mean just about as straightforward as one can get.

“We want him,” Elliott said. “We want OBJ.”

Ezekiel Elliott joins others in recruiting Odell Beckham Jr. to Dallas

Beckham Jr. has been on somewhat of a free agent tour all season as he recovers from ACL surgery, and it appears time to make a decision.

He visited the New York Giants for a reunion last month, and other teams linked to the former Pro Bowler include the Bills and Packers. Recently, though, it's been the Cowboys who have gone all in on recruiting OBJ, and it started shortly after last week's trade deadline.

Beckham Jr. - as he usually does - threw fuel on the fire earlier this week when he seemingly narrowed his list of teams down to the Bills, Cowboys, Giants and Packers.

Jerry Jones - as he usually does - then sent Dallas fans into a frenzy.

Not to be outdone, Micah Parsons then followed in his owner's shoes and enlisted the help of Elon Musk to recruit OBJ.

Only cost $8, too!

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