Everyone HATES Nathaniel Hackett And Josh McDaniels: 'Garbage'

Boy, the honeymoon is OVER for Nathaniel Hackett and Josh McDaniels.

Fans of the Broncos and Raiders remained FURIOUS Monday morning with both first-year head coaches after two terrible losses, and everyone, it appears, is ready to move on.

The Broncos started the afternoon by blowing a halftime lead against the mediocre Tennessee Titans, while the Raiders somehow lost to Jeff Saturday, who was an ESPN analyst one week ago.

Both teams are basically out of playoff contention before Thanksgiving, Derek Carr is crying at the podium, and Matt Ryan and Ryan Tannehill are somehow beating you.

Yeah, safe to say fans have had it.

Jeff Saturday already looks better than Josh McDaniels, Nathaniel Hackett

Hackett and the Broncos started the day with a dud, and Josh McDaniels and the lifeless Raiders capped it off with a similar stinker.

The Fighting Jeff Saturdays came out of NOWHERE to save their season with a 25-20 win, sending the Raiders to 2-7 along the way.

That's right.

Jeff Saturday, an armchair analyst seven days ago, now has half as many wins this season as Josh McDaniels.

Derek Carr had a meltdown in his postgame presser, and fans had a meltdown online.

At this point it's probably fair to assume one, if not both of these guys, will get canned. The question now is ... which GM will blink first?

Stay tuned!

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