Dolphins Coach Mike McDaniel Thinks Belichick, Patriots Ready To Hit The Beach

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are coming to South Florida early this week to get acclimated to the heat ahead of Sunday's opener against the Dolphins.

As someone who's lived here my entire life, I'm not sure three days in the sun is gonna regulate the body temp. But hey, who am I to question the Hoodie?

Remember, this guy is so scary a former player once intentionally wrecked his car so he would have an excuse when he was late to practice.

Anyway, new Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel - who very clearly is going to be a #contentking for OutKick all season - doesn't blame Belichick for the move.

In fact, he's hoping everyone on staff takes advantage of the beautiful Miami beaches!

Look, I don't know if Mike McDaniel will work in Miami - frankly, nobody has since some guy named Shula - but one thing you can count on is A+ material every single day. 

He wasn't done, either.

The Dolphins could potentially be the most entertaining team in the NFL this season, or a complete disappointment.

Tua Tagovailoa is about to start a make-or-break Year 3, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle are the fastest people on the planet, and McDaniel is an alleged offensive guru. 

That's one heck of a recipe going into a season for an organization that hasn't won a playoff game since the Clinton Administration.

Belichick, meanwhile, has won a billion Super Bowls in that time span, and somehow made the playoffs last season with Mac Jones throwing three passes in one game.

The Dolphins open the week favorites at home, and the general feeling is that they're a far superior team to the Pats this season ... on paper.

But if Belichick and the boys are coming to town early for a little fun in the sun? Look out.

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