Deshaun Watson Reportedly Might Be Suspended For Only Two Games

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson might not be facing much punishment at all.

The dual-threat quarterback has faced dozens of sexual misconduct allegations, and the NFL is in the process of deciding what kind of suspension he might get.

Well, fans expecting him to get hit with a massive punishment might be in for a big disappointment.

ProFootballTalk reported Watson might be suspended for as little as two games. The same report indicates he might be facing a ceiling of an eight game suspension.

That's a far cry from earlier reports that he might be suspended indefinitely.

What the NFL decides to do with Watson is arguably the biggest storyline in the sport at the moment. Again, there were whispers he might be suspended for a minimum of a season.

Now, it's been reported the former Texans star might get two games. Two whole games after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct!

Remember when Tom Brady got suspended for allegedly deflating balls? Pretty hard to square the logic that goes into how the NFL hands out punishments.


If Watson only gets a handful of games, the Browns will have avoided a potential disaster situation. The team is more than talented enough to bounce back quickly if there are struggles without him.

Outside of what you think of Watson, the man can play quarterback. He's a star.


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