Deshaun Watson Intends To Sue NFL If He’s Suspended The Full Season: Report

While Deshaun Watson is waiting for the NFL to announce its decision involving a potential suspension, the QB and his camp have reportedly come up with a game plan.

According to Yahoo’s Charles Robinson, Watson intends to file a lawsuit against the NFL in federal court if the league suspends him for the full season. Watson’s decision to potentially sue the NFL is in conjunction with not only his camp but the NFL Player’s Association as well.

Last month, Watson reached a settlement agreement with 20 of the 24 women who formally accused him of sexual misconduct.

The Houston Texans, Watson’s former team, reached settlement agreements with all 30 of the women who have made or intended to make claims that would implicate the team as having played a role in Watson’s alleged sexual misconduct.

Now, Watson and his camp are waiting for a league arbitrator to hand down her decision regarding his suspension. It’s worth noting that under the new Collection Bargaining Agreement, no matter what the suspension is that the arbitrator hands out, the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell can modify the suspension.

If Watson does move forward with a federal lawsuit against the NFL, he wouldn’t be the first player to take that route.

Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliott have appealed suspensions from the league in federal courts in the past as well.

As for the length of Watson’s potential suspension, some reports have suggested he could be suspended for at least a year.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. Go ahead and sue. They have a bigger bank and make sure he loses his guarantee money and they they can cut him and never give him a job. Dude deserves a year suspension. By president 3 games per accused. That’s the off of Big Ben suspension. So 24 times 3 equals 72 games by president. Just take your years suspension and don’t get in aliasing contest with the NFL because you will lose.

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